About Our Family Law Firm

Family Focused Legal Solutions (formerly Ruvolo Law Group, LLC) is dedicated to meeting a wide variety of family law needs throughout North and Central New Jersey. Our firm specifically assists clients with family law issues, including but not limited to divorces, post-judgment matters, non-dissolution matters, domestic violence, and prenuptial agreements. We offer litigation, mediation, arbitration, appellate, collaborative law, Guardian ad Litem and parent coordinator services. Our ability to provide exceptional representation has been recognized by the legal industry at large and, most importantly, our clients.

Our History

Family Focused Legal Solutions was originally formed in 2012 by Laura Ruvolo Lipp as “Law Offices of Laura Ruvolo Lipp.” She was soon joined by her sister, Melissa M. Ruvolo. Together, they transformed the firm into Ruvolo Law Group in 2013. Laura and Melissa were committed to creating a family law firm different from others. They developed a firm of like-minded family legal professionals with one cohesive vision — to treat the firm’s clients not as a “case” or a “file,” but as friends and family members who need our support to guide them through one of the toughest periods of their lives and prepare them to thrive in their next chapter.

With our vision developed, we changed the firm’s name to Family Focused Legal Solutions in 2022. The significance and purpose of the new name is twofold: (1) To embrace the firm’s focus on prioritizing and preserving the health of families as they struggle through all kinds of family law legal issues; and (2) To demonstrate our strong belief that our firm is a team of attorneys, case managers, client intake specialists and various others who work together to assist, educate and support our clients by utilizing our different skill sets and performing our different roles. Each and every team member is vital in providing our clients with the best possible experience during the period of time they need us. Therefore, we do not believe our firm should be known by only one or a few attorneys’ names at the exclusion of all others. All of us, whether lawyers or non-lawyers, are this firm. Together, we are all Family Focused Legal Solutions.

Our Philosophy

At Family Focused Legal Solutions, we place a significant priority on delivering the highest level of representation to clients facing some of life's most difficult challenges. We have a duty to our clients and their families to not make their circumstances worse than those that existed on the day they retained our firm. If you are in the middle of a painful divorce or custody battle, it can sometimes feel impossible to see past your current emotions, frustration, and intense disappointment. We want to guide you not only through your legal journey, but arm you with the knowledge, tools, support systems and confidence you need to thrive in the next chapters of your lives.

Most of the time, that means negotiating a resolution that is creative and thoughtful. Oftentimes, an aggressive and inflexible approach at the outset increases unnecessary conflict. Hostility runs up your legal bills and blood pressure, while depleting your ability to co-parent with your ex. The time we are representing you is only a small part of the time you have to work together with your co-parent to raise your children. Our focus is on building you up for that challenge, not burning down any goodwill that exists between you.

We also know that negotiating does not always get the job done. Sometimes you must go to court to get the outcome you need. We are experienced litigators, and we are willing and able to fight for you in a courtroom whenever needed.

Regardless of who we represent or what legal or procedural approach we take, our chief focus always remains on the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of the children involved. Family, regardless of its form, is the single most important influence in a child's life. Family is the foundation on which our communities are built. Your family is the basis for every decision that you make. Our team will tailor and advocate for legal solutions focused on the needs of your family.

We invite you to contact Family Focused Legal Solutions to learn more about us and how we can help you.