Divorce Vacation: Taking a “Break” from the Breakdown of Your Marriage

Divorce Vacation: Taking…

The breakdown of a marriage and the ensuing divorce can become a long and protracted process. It often commences before either spouse retains counsel or proceeds with the Complaint for Divorce. Thus, it is understandable when either spouse expresses the need for a break at some point before the divorce is finalized.

While a trip to a distant location may not be possible due to finances and circumstances, a local outing or “staycation” for a few days may be sufficient to alleviate the stress. This time can be used to allow for a break—whether it is going to a spa, reading a book for pleasure or focusing on an enjoyable hobby. A short period of respite to focus on yourself is recommended to anyone but especially, those going through a divorce.

If possible, however, traveling to another destination may be cathartic and perhaps, the best solution to truly “take a break” from it all. In fact, a recent study concluded that the mere efforts involved in planning and anticipating a vacation may serve to boost levels of happiness. For obvious reasons, it is generally recommended that an individual traveling solo in the midst of a divorce steer clear of the “City of Love” or other romantic destinations but thankfully, there are several vacation hot spots catering to singles or divorcees. To that end, escapes have been created specifically for those going through a divorce.

In recent years, “Divorce Retreats” started popping up all over the country and throughout parts of the world. While each retreat may have its own unique perspectives and methods, the end goal is identical - to support the healing process. By way of some examples, The Haven offers seven-day solo retreats in Thailand and South Africa offer 1-to-1 coaching, spa treatments and yoga sessions. Runaway Husbands in Arizona assists with recovery via workshops and activities, including hikes and meditation. For those who feel a sense of relief by putting pen to paper, a Writer’s Workshop Divorce Retreat may be the answer. “Write Your Divorce Story: A Women’s Writing Retreat" is a three-day retreat in Florida designed to unleash each participant’s journey in their divorce, accompanied by yoga, meditation, workshops and knitting.

The bottom line is that divorce can become an all-consuming and lengthy process. Setting aside time for a vacation—whether it is a day trip, staycation, brief getaway or retreat—can alleviate some of the everyday stressors and anxiety associated with a divorce or separation. Of course, taking any type of break should be planned around any prescheduled deadlines and Court dates to avoid any added stress and anxiety during this time of intended relaxation.

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