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How to Tell Your Children…

How to Tell Your Children About Divorce

Regardless of whether your kids are teenagers or toddlers, the most difficult part of the divorce process is telling them that Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce. To minimize the adverse emotional impact this conversation will have on your child(r… Read More
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My Spouse Cheated. Does T…

My Spouse Cheated. Does This Mean I Can Get More Money in Our Divorce?

Few things make the divorce process more emotional than it already is than when one spouse has been unfaithful in the marriage – particularly if the affair was recent and was the “reason” the marriage is ending in divorce. The betrayed spouse i… Read More
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What if I Don't Agree to…

What if I Don't Agree to a Divorce?

From time to time, a potential client asks us this question during their consultation: “What if I don’t agree to a divorce?” If they are a little more obstinate, they may instead say, “Well, I won’t agree to a divorce.” There are typicall… Read More
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Can My Spouse and I Use T…

Can My Spouse and I Use The Same Divorce Attorney?

“We both want to use the same divorce attorney in order to spend less money on our divorce.” Sometimes I hear this during my first meeting with a potential client. Sometimes our staff hears this when a potential client calls the office wanting to… Read More
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Why We Don't Give Free Co…

Why We Don't Give Free Consultations (And Why You Shouldn't Want Us To)

Every day, our patient and caring support staff answer calls from distressed individuals in need of legal advice and guidance about a family law issue plaguing their lives. During many of those calls, the caller is surprised to hear they must actuall… Read More
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Penalty Provisions in Div…

Penalty Provisions in Divorce Agreements

Most divorce matters are ultimately resolved with a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA), sometimes also referred to as a Property Settlement Agreement (PSA). An MSA is a contract between divorcing spouses, wherein they agree amongst themselves how the… Read More
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What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Many newlyweds are excited to change their last names immediately after the wedding. The quick embrace of this new name quickly sours in a divorce setting. The decision of whether to change your last name in that context can be daunting; especially i… Read More
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Divorce Vacation: Taking…

Divorce Vacation: Taking a “Break” from the Breakdown of Your Marriage

The breakdown of a marriage and the ensuing divorce can become a long and protracted process. It often commences before either spouse retains counsel or proceeds with the Complaint for Divorce. Thus, it is understandable when either spouse expresses… Read More
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Looking down on a magnifying glass “Divorce” computer button and dollar bills

The Harmful Consequences of a Digital-Age Divorce: A Look Inside the Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews Public Debacle

*NOTE: Since the publication of this blog, Jenni’s 14-paragraph letter on her website was removed (thank goodness). As a result, the links provided in this blog may no longer be accessible or relevant. Even so, our opinions provided within this… Read More
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Three Ways to Enjoy the H…

Three Ways to Enjoy the Holidays After Your Divorce

The holidays are stressful enough, but if you add a divorce or separation into the mix, it can become pure chaos. Between my clerkship and private practice, this upcoming holiday season will be my tenth year experiencing the inevitable turmoil and tr… Read More
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