Do You Need an Easier Way to Manage and Track Co-Parenting Expenses? There's an App for That!

Few issues in family law are more frustrating for family law attorneys, mediators, judges, and even litigants to address than when two unmarried parents have conflicting positions about numerous shared expenses paid (or not paid) for their children.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful for there to be a way to avoid all of this? For parents to communicate clearly and concisely about their children’s expenses and for documentation of those communications to all exist in one place? For receipts to be saved, forwarded, and received with a date stamp of when all of that occurred? For payments to be made from one party to another with easy-to-understand documentation of when that payment was made, when that payment was received, and what specific expense that payment was meant to cover? Does that sound too good to be true? Well, it’s actually not: there’s an app for that. Enter DComply!
You can read all about the DComply App in Partner Laura Ruvolo Lipp's article in Family Lawyer Magazine.
Categories: Child Support