What Can I Do If My Spouse Does Not Agree To a Divorce?

Time and time again, we have heard one of two variations of this question during an initial consultation with a potential client. Sometimes we are speaking with a person who made the difficult decision of telling their emotional spouse that they no l… Read More
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Understanding Your Options: The Difference Between Divorce, Annulment, and Separation

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, but the idea of getting divorced seems like a scary jump to make, you’re probably wondering whether there are any other legal options. You’re not alone. We are frequently asked about the differences… Read More
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Thinking About Appealing?…

Thinking About Appealing? Think Fast!

It is an unfortunate yet common occurrence. A potential client meets with me to discuss whether he/she should appeal a trial judge’s decision. In reviewing the facts of the case and the judge’s ruling, it appears an appeal may be successful. Howe… Read More
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What to Look for In a Family Law Attorney in NJ: The Attorney-Client Dating Game

Similar to finding a spouse, significant other, or therapist, you look for certain qualities that will provide you with the most rewarding relationship. Searching for a family law or divorce lawyer in New Jersey is no different. Here are (3) qualitie… Read More
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