How Much Does a Consultation Cost?

Almost all consultations at our firm are charged as a flat fee at the hourly rate of the attorney conducting the consultation (ranging from $275 to $395, depending on the attorney).  If you retain the firm, the amount you paid for your first consultation will be credited back to you on your first full month’s invoice.  Thus, if you become a client of the firm, the consultation becomes retroactively “free.”

 If you meet with us but choose not to retain (whether it is because you decided not to pursue a case at that time or ultimately chose to retain a different firm), you simply paid for the hour of time and legal advice you received.

If an additional attorney from our team participates in your consultation (which is common) you are not charged for that additional attorney.  We take a team approach to most of our cases and we believe it is important for you to meet the team members most likely to work on your matter in the event you ultimately retain the firm.

There are two exceptions to our policy:

  • Our mediation consultations are treated differently than all others. Our mediation consultations are approximately 30 minutes in length, are conducted by phone with both parties and are free of charge.  The purpose of a mediation consultation is not to give legal advice (as we need to maintain a neutral role between you and the other party), but rather to explain and answer your questions regarding the mediation process.  In the event you retain an attorney from our firm to mediate your case, that attorney will mediate your matter at a reduced hourly rate used only for our mediation services. 
  • We provide free initial consultations to New Jersey State Troopers.