Why Don’t You Give “Free Consultations” Like Some Other Firms Do?

We understand that some other firms offer free consultations in an effort to entice as many potential clients as possible to speak with them.  Our consultations are not sales meetings or “meet and greets.”  They are a full hour of time, legal advice and strategy suggestions provided to you by one or more attorneys. 

We treat our consultations (or “case assessments,” as we also call them) in a manner that is fair to our firm, attorneys and current paying clients while also providing a courtesy to potential clients who are serious about retaining legal representation.

If you retain the firm, the amount you paid for your first consultation will be credited back to you on your first full month’s invoice.  Thus, if you become a client of the firm, the consultation becomes retroactively “free.”  If you meet with us but choose not to retain (whether it is because you decided not to pursue a case at that time or ultimately chose to retain a different firm), you simply paid for the hour of time and legal advice you received.

To learn more, we encourage you to read our blog article titled, “Why We Don’t Give Free Consultations (And Why You Shouldn’t Want Us To)”.