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Kristin Marchaterre

Phone: 973-993-9960
Fax: 973-993-9961
Kristin Marchaterre lives in Morris County and graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, with minors in Psychology and History. While in college, Kristin volunteered her time assisting children within the foste… Read More
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Cynthia Salemi

Phone: 973-993-9960
Fax: 973-993-9961
Cindy Salemi started working with Family Focused Legal Solutions in June of 2021. Cindy is a native New Yorker. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and moved to New Jersey in January of 2015. At the beginning of 2019, Cindy separated from h… Read More
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Rebecca Lerman

Phone: 973-993-9960
Fax: 973-993-9961
Rebecca Lerman (Becca) started working with Ruvolo Law Group in September of 2020. She grew up in Hopatcong and has lived in northern New Jersey her entire life. Before changing her career path to work in Family Law, Rebecca spent 12 years working in… Read More
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Jessica Donnenberg

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Kylie was a natural fit to lead our Human Resources department as Chief People Officer (CPO) when she joined the firm in 2013. She believes that all people who enter her office or home are inherently good and that they like her as much as she likes t… Read More
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Daisy is the Hygge (google it) Ambassador of Family Focused Legal Solutions. She was rescued by Laura and her family in September 2019 after she was discovered living in tragic and filthy circumstances. As Hygge Ambassador, she now focuses all her ti… Read More
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Savannah spends her days sleeping on a chaise lounge chair or playing with a variety of squeaky tennis balls. She frequently pushes her tennis balls under the couch for the sole purpose of barking at them to get the Humans to do her bidding. Savannah… Read More
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General Scout Von Dangersauce

General Scout von Dangersauce (“Scout”) embarked on a journey to New Jersey from his native Georgia via a top-secret rescue mission. Immediately upon his arrival in the great township of Long Hill, New Jersey, this husky-bred adventurer led his u… Read More
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Fozzie “Bear” Wellington, III, PhD., J.D., M.H., B.F.A.

Likes: Positive attention in all forms; snacks; birds; loving-kindness meditation; The Complete Works of William Blake; any Louis Jadot Chardonnay Dislikes: People with whom he is not formally acquainted entering his home; ocean waves; roughhousing,… Read More
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