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Kylie was a natural fit to lead our Human Resources department as Chief People Officer (CPO) when she joined the firm in 2013. She believes that all people who enter her office or home are inherently good and that they like her as much as she likes them. She is (probably) an Australian Labradoodle whose enthusiasm for life has helped Laura get over the fact that her sneaky breeder (adopt, don’t shop) knew damn well that she had a wool coat and not a wavy fleece coat when Laura wrote her a stupidly large check a few weeks after Kylie was born.

When Kylie comes across people at the office who are not getting along, she sings the “Snap Cup” song and helps them find love and harmony by writing something warm and fuzzy about each other (an anonymous praise note) and depositing it into a sacred vessel (a pink dog bowl).

Kylie loves cuddling, pools, people, car rides, people, going for walks, playing catch, big hugs and people. She also loves other dogs — with the exception of “Buddy” up the street, whose unnecessary attitude problem is only matched by his owner’s. Kylie smiles at everyone who pays attention to her. She legit smiles.