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Also known as "Bean," Maia is a super chill Scottish Fold. Her purring is the sweetest, purrfect counterbalance to a Type-A personality household. Although hardly affectionate, Maia tolerates cuddles and hugs with grit and grace. She spends most of her days snoozing in one of her gazillion fluffy beds and always ensures that one of her human servants is nearby during her naps. After a solid day of napping, she musters up sufficient energy to run around aimlessly, attacking walls and pretending to be fierce for approximately 10 minutes.

Although generally not mischievous, she does love to get her paws in whatever liquid has been left unattended on the coffee table. Maia is also quite the foodie and prefers duck entrées, chicken paté and turkey mousse with fresh water (filtered, please). On occasion, she does enjoy snacks, such as unsuspecting flies and centipedes. Deemed "The Prettiest Cat Alive" by her humans, Maia remains clueless and humble, which makes her even more lovable.