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The Misconception of Bein…

The Misconception of Being a Working Parent – From the Perspective of a Family Law Attorney with (Two Sets of) Twins

There’s a prevalent misconception that once someone becomes a parent, they become an ineffective and unmotivated worker. Perhaps it’s based on the opinion that a working parent has a lot more on their plate, they are more distracted, or they care… Read More
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Mediation Services Can Re…

Mediation Services Can Resolve Post-Divorce Issues

Mediation services are available to those going through divorce. But did you know that mediation services could help with your post-divorce issues? Before you spend your time, energy, and money to drag your ex-spouse back to court, you might first wa… Read More
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The Participation Agreeme…

The Participation Agreement: Part 2 to our Collaborative Law Blog Series

In my last blog, I provided an overview of the Collaborative Law Process. In this blog, I will discuss the importance of a “Participation Agreement”. If you and your spouse have decided to resolve the issues in your divorce using the Family Colla… Read More
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What is Collaborative Law…

What is Collaborative Law? An Introduction to our Collaborative Law Blog Series

If you haven’t heard about it already, “Collaborative Law” has become a hot topic among divorcing spouses. To assist people in determining whether it’s an appropriate option for them, Ruvolo Law Group, LLC, will be publishing a series of blog… Read More
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5 Reasons to Retain a Law…

5 Reasons to Retain a Lawyer When You Mediate Your Divorce

1. Your lawyer can counsel you before Before you start the mediation process, your own independent lawyer can help you chose the right mediator for your case. She can tell you the relevant documents to bring to mediation and what documentation you sh… Read More
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