Ms. Ruvolo worked diligently during my very tumultuous and contentious divorce to ensure my best interests were protected. She was steadfast in her resolve to fight for 50/50 shared custody, which was of the utmost importance to me. She was very compassionate and genuinely concerned for my well-being and for the well-being of my children.

When necessary she firmly reset my expectations with the legal system, but in a non-confrontational way. Even when confronted with numerous obstacles from my ex, her lawyer and even the judge, she composed herself in a very professional and respectful manner. She related to my situation on a personal level, which enabled us both to keep focused on what was truly important. She was very cognizant of the high cost of a drawn-out divorce and always advised me on expected benefits of multiple courses of action so I could make an informed decision, understanding the risks.

Throughout this life-changing experience we had many laughs along the way, which was a very welcomed distraction. Family law matters are a two-way street and require active participation and cooperation from clients as well. Ms. easy to work with and will hold up her end of the deal. She recognizes flaws exist in the legal system and will provide…advice to establish realistic expectations, which is very key. I highly recommend Ms. Ruvolo for all aspects of family legal matters. She will work hard and do the best she can (within the limits of her control) to get her clients the outcome they are seeking.