Matthew R.

I met Margarita in 2019. I was finalizing my divorce after 7 years of separation. She helped me understand what my options were and how best to obtain them in the fairest way. One key that drew me to Margarita was her concern about fairness. How could me AND my wife could come together and finalize this with the least stress on our family. Margarita brings to the table a passion for Family law. This is “what she does”. This is all she does. She has practiced other types of law and settled where her passion and expertise give her the best opportunity to help people in a compassionate way. Margarita seeks a win/win she can. Another thing that drew me to Margarita is her strength in her intuitive and empathic abilities. She understood me (and my wife) in a way words cannot describe. She understands what it takes to bring people together when they need to separate…compassionately.