Sylvia H.

Divorce is a difficult life experience but somehow Michelle Levin made it easier. She was 100% professional, part lawyer, part therapist, and part friend. She was very knowledgeable in what the law allowed and counseled me accordingly. Her legal advice was wonderful. She was always compassionate and provided a rationale for her approach. When I would want to push the limit, she would scale my requests to something more reasonable and likely to gain agreement from the other party.

We went up against my ex-husband several times post-divorce and we won each time. She was efficient and was cost conscious. I never felt like this firm was trying to rack up billable time, whereas opposing counsel seemed to utilize delays and stall tactics to run up the clock of legal fees for my ex.

I highly recommend Michelle and her team. And I wish you best of luck. You will get through this and life is better on the other side of divorce.