Meet Attorney Margarita Romanova

Meet Attorney Margarita R…

Hi, I'm Margarita Romanova. I'm a family law attorney, a court approved mediator, and a parent coordinator at Family Focused Legal Solutions. I'm also a parent, a friend, and an attorney who has dedicated her professional life to helping others.

As a family law attorney I love advocating for my clients and counseling them through highly emotional conflicts and the confusion of the judicial process. I love empowering them to handle what often feels like emotional and psychological warfare in a divorce or equal judgment matter.

My goal as a family law attorney is to make my clients feel protected. As a court-approved mediator I enjoy working with people who believe in the power and the benefits of a consensus, even when it seems unattainable. Choosing to participate in mediation is choosing to stay in control of the outcome, rather than leaving the decision up to a stranger in a black robe, who knows very little about your life and your circumstances.

Over and over, I've witnessed that when there is a will there is a way to fashion a creative solution to any problem, but my true professional passion lies in my role as a parent coordinator. Parent coordination is simply an alternative dispute resolute method for high conflict parents. It is often ordered by the court. Put simply, it is helping people talk to each other in a way that ensures they understand one another. It is well known that children who are exposed to conflicts between their parents suffer and more often than not they suffer in silence, especially long term, as they try to build their own relationships and families. This sad reality inspires my professional efforts and helping parents resolve parenting conflicts is the most fulfilling part of my professional life. I work with parents, the child's teachers, psychotherapists and other caregivers to facilitate communication and fashion solutions.

When I'm not working, my favorite two things are being a parent to my wonderful daughter and cooking up a storm in my kitchen.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation call the office to set up a consultation.