What to Look for In a Family Law Attorney in NJ: The Attorney-Client Dating Game

Similar to finding a spouse, significant other, or therapist, you look for certain qualities that will provide you with the most rewarding relationship. Searching for a family law or divorce lawyer in New Jersey is no different. Here are (3) qualities to look for in a family law attorney:

(1) An attorney who devotes his/her practice solely to family law.

If you needed brain surgery, would you go to a dentist? Of course not! Even though both are doctors, they specialize in different areas. Attorneys are no different. Family law is its own species. It’s very complex with intricate discrepancies depending on the circumstances of each case. Family law is ever-changing. An attorney who exclusively practices in family law is more capable of giving you accurate, dependable, and tailored advice.

(2) An attorney who practices in the county you live in.

“Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your [attorney’s] name.” An attorney who practices in the county you live in will know your judge’s style, temperament, and expectations. Likewise, the judge will know the attorney and rely on the attorney’s credible and competent reputation in making decisions pertaining to your case.

(3) An attorney with whom you feel comfortable.

Not all personalities “mesh”. For example, if you find your divorce to be a particularly emotional experience for you, you will want an attorney who is patient and compassionate – not short and abrasive. Some female clients feel more comfortable with female attorneys. Some male clients believe a female attorney will better understand and cope with their spouses’ emotions and expectations. Whatever the reason may be, you have to feel comfortable with your attorney.

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