Do You Need an Easier Way to Manage and Track Co-Parenting Expenses? There's an App for That!

Few issues in family law are more frustrating for family law attorneys, mediators, judges, and even litigants to address than when two unmarried parents have conflicting positions about numerous shared expenses paid (or not paid) for their children.… Read More
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How to Tell Your Children…

How to Tell Your Children About Divorce

Regardless of whether your kids are teenagers or toddlers, the most difficult part of the divorce process is telling them that Mommy and Daddy are getting a divorce. To minimize the adverse emotional impact this conversation will have on your child(r… Read More
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QDROs – Your Last “To…

QDROs – Your Last “To Do” Item on Your Divorce Checklist

The recent unpublished Appellate Division case, Canonica v. Canonica, reminds us why Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDROs”) should be done in a timely manner. A QDRO is an order by which a retirement account is divided pursuant to a Judgme… Read More
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We Don't Have Any Money.…

We Don't Have Any Money. Should We Still Get a Prenup?

Nobody gets married thinking they will get divorced, but – like it or not – the undeniable reality is that the statistics confirm that 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Furthermore, there is an informal consensus among the… Read More
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Are You a Good Candidate…

Are You a Good Candidate for Mediation?

In appropriate cases, our firm loves helping people resolve their family law conflicts through the mediation process. Some of our attorneys are mediators themselves and conduct both private and court-ordered mediations. They also volunteer and discou… Read More
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Why Having a Prenup Can A…

Why Having a Prenup Can Actually Be GOOD for Your Marriage.

We know the title of this blog will initially confuse some of you. People tend to associate the word “prenup” (formally known as “prenuptial agreement” or “premarital agreement”) with the idea of planning for a divorce before the marriage… Read More
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My Spouse Cheated. Does T…

My Spouse Cheated. Does This Mean I Can Get More Money in Our Divorce?

Few things make the divorce process more emotional than it already is than when one spouse has been unfaithful in the marriage – particularly if the affair was recent and was the “reason” the marriage is ending in divorce. The betrayed spouse i… Read More
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How to Begin the Mediatio…

How to Begin the Mediation Process

In addition to our other family law legal services, our firm also has a mediation department. We conduct both private mediation (for people who are voluntarily taking the initiative to try mediation to resolve their legal issue) as well as mediation… Read More
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What if I Don't Agree to…

What if I Don't Agree to a Divorce?

From time to time, a potential client asks us this question during their consultation: “What if I don’t agree to a divorce?” If they are a little more obstinate, they may instead say, “Well, I won’t agree to a divorce.” There are typicall… Read More
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Can My Spouse and I Use T…

Can My Spouse and I Use The Same Divorce Attorney?

“We both want to use the same divorce attorney in order to spend less money on our divorce.” Sometimes I hear this during my first meeting with a potential client. Sometimes our staff hears this when a potential client calls the office wanting to… Read More
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