Now That I Have My Judgment of Divorce, I Do Not Need to Deal With My Ex-spouse Anymore, Right?

That is not necessarily true.  You should carefully review your Marital Settlement Agreement to note all obligations either of you has to the other.  Write down a list of all important deadlines or add the deadlines to a calendar.  There is usually a timeframe for when tasks need to be completed.  For example, are you dividing retirement accounts?  Do bank accounts need to be closed?  Do you need to refinance your mortgage to remove your ex’s name?  Do you need to list your house for sale?  These are just a few examples of what may need to be completed after you are divorced.

If you have children together, you will always have to deal with your ex-spouse in one way or another.  For the sake of your children, even adult children, make every effort to approach your communications with your ex in a calm, productive and respectful manner.