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What if I Don't Agree to…

What if I Don't Agree to a Divorce?

From time to time, a potential client asks us this question during their consultation: “What if I don’t agree to a divorce?” If they are a little more obstinate, they may instead say, “Well, I won’t agree to a divorce.” There are typicall… Read More
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Can My Spouse and I Use T…

Can My Spouse and I Use The Same Divorce Attorney?

“We both want to use the same divorce attorney in order to spend less money on our divorce.” Sometimes I hear this during my first meeting with a potential client. Sometimes our staff hears this when a potential client calls the office wanting to… Read More
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Why We Don't Give Free Co…

Why We Don't Give Free Consultations (And Why You Shouldn't Want Us To)

Every day, our patient and caring support staff answer calls from distressed individuals in need of legal advice and guidance about a family law issue plaguing their lives. During many of those calls, the caller is surprised to hear they must actuall… Read More
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The Flat Fee Divorce: Don't Be PennyWise and Pound Foolish

It is a difficult decision to permanently end a marriage, whether it was a one year marriage or a thirty year marriage. One of the chief concerns is how expensive it will be. With that in mind, a common question that family law attorneys here is, “… Read More
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