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Looking down on a magnifying glass “Divorce” computer button and dollar bills

The Harmful Consequences of a Digital-Age Divorce: A Look Inside the Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews Public Debacle

*NOTE: Since the publication of this blog, Jenni’s 14-paragraph letter on her website was removed (thank goodness). As a result, the links provided in this blog may no longer be accessible or relevant. Even so, our opinions provided within this… Read More
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Divorce Attorneys May Ass…

Divorce Attorneys May Assist Domestic Violence Victims in Obtaining Unemployment Benefits

In a recent published decision, the NJ Appellate Division reversed the Board of Review’s denial of unemployment benefits to a woman (L.C.) who left her job and moved to Utah to flee her abusive ex-spouse. L.C. v. Board of Review, Docket No. A-5997-… Read More
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S.M. v. K.M.: When Family and Criminal Matters Meet

As if divorce isn’t bad enough, sometimes a family’s circumstances also involve criminal charges or allegations. What happens when there is a pending criminal matter that directly involves the family during a divorce? When seeking the family cour… Read More
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